Friday, July 20, 2012

It's a holiday, for realz

Although it is off topic considering the nature of this blog, I have to share this.


Dance is such a huge part of my life, hopefully it will be part of Biscuit's as well. Dance brings me so much joy and I swear it is therapy for me. No LMFT needed her, just a hardwood floor and enough space to spin around. ;)

I spent a good part of my life on stage and a true love of mine was lyrical, contemporary dance. So in honor of National Dance Day approaching, I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE choreography in this genre.
Although he is relatively new to the choreography scene, Travis Wall has become one of my faves. This kid has such an amazing gift. LOVE the musicality of his work. These pieces are simply gorgeous. 

And now you all know what a hopeless romantic I am.....

I mean, swoooooooning over here.

Get out and dance on July 28th!!


  1. I am not a great answer but I love to dance, it is really therapeutic:)

  2. I love to dance. At many points in my life it consumed me entirely and was the only thing that mattered. Being a mother now, I take every opportunity to dance with my son and all I see is pure joy in his face. The same expression I use to get in dance class. Men who dance are so much more attractive and amazing.
    And to top it off, July 28th just happens to be my birthday. So yes a holiday in deed.
    I am ridiculously happy right now. :] Thank you for this jewel of information.