Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sensory Bin "Cake Boss"

We were in desperate need of a new idea for Biscuit's sensory bin. The winter theme was getting old around here, so I decided to make a sensory bin that would appeal to her little sweet tooth! I made pastel rainbow rice and invited her to play with her bin, a measuring cup, cupcake liners, birthday candles, and a muffin tin. Clearly we did not light the candles!! Here is what happened....

Setting up her cupcake liners...

Scooping her "cupcake mix"

This started out as a very neat activity....

Then it took a turn.... No worries, rice doesn't stain!!!

Obviously we finished off with a round of  "Happy Birthday to you."

To make the pastel rainbow rice I divided a five pound bag of rice into several small plastic bags. In each bag I added a few pumps of Purell (yes, it has a softer stench than rubbing alcohol or vinegar) and squirted in a couple of drops of pastel food coloring. I squished the rice around in the bag a bit until it was saturated and then I opened the bag to air it out. The next morning I added the rice to her bin. So easy! So cute!

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