Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Name Game

Biscuit is showing interest in how to spell her name. I decided to play a game with her that I used to play with my preschool class during small group time. She really enjoyed this activity and often plays on her own saying the letters and sounds as she goes along. Yippee!!

I took a Tupperware container and filled it with colored rice. Then I grabbed Scrabble pieces with the letters of her name and hid them in the rice.

I made a little card with her name on it, all uppercase letters to match the Scrabble pieces, and placed it on a small acrylic tray. The goal was simply to help her understand the letters in her name and the order, we'll tackle the whole uppercase and lowercase business another day. I showed her how to dig through the rice to find a letter, then to put in on top of that letter on the card....

After a few times playing together I let her have at it on her own. Here's what happened....

She did it!!!

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