Friday, January 20, 2012

Yogurt Paint

Hello Lovelies! I usually post about activities for toddlers and preschoolers. However a trip down memory lane this evening inspired me to post an activity for babies.

Biscuit and I used to do this activity when she was itty bitty. YOGURT PAINTING!!! I knew Biscuit would love finger painting, however I also knew paint was bound to go in her little mouth. So why not paint with yogurt? I should mention she only touched the yogurt to her mouth once! She just wanted to paint, such an artist even as a baby.

Organic vanilla yogurt and one TINY drop of food coloring.

We went into the backyard and got right down to business!

I gave her a paintbrush just to see what she would do with it. She held it as she painted with her adorable lil fingers! I let her "paint" on a large white tray, it gave her plenty of room for her fabulous creation.

Keep in mind she was VERY closely supervised during this activity. If you try this with your little bundle be sure to use materials that you know are safe and appropriate for your child's age and level of development.

Happy Playing & Exploring!


  1. Awww... so cute!

    Happily following you back! :)

  2. This is one of the activities at the top of my list to try with my babies when they are ready. They are still a little too young to have any dairy yet (five months adjusted), so I'm waiting a couple more months. Should be fun!