Friday, March 9, 2012

Art that will blow your mind!

Biscuit and I had a great time with this activity. Such a great time in fact, that I totally forgot to take pictures!!! Therefore I cannot show you all the silliness that went on over here. But trust me this activity is a blast!

To make bubble paint just add food coloring to any bubble solution. I added several drops of food coloring straight into our bottle of bubbles and shook it up a bit. Then I taped a HUGE piece of paper to the fence in our backyard. This is really messy, especially if you have an excited bubble blower on your hands, so you should do this outdoors or on a surface that can easily wipe clean.

To get started I told Biscuit that the bubbles were going to paint her a picture. She thought that was pretty funny. I showed her how to blow bubbles close to the paper, when they popped we talked about the neat design it made. Then she took over. I made yellow and pink bubble paint, she took turns using each color until she was flat out exhausted from blowing bubbles. It was pretty adorable.

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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