Monday, January 16, 2012

Exploring sight with a little black light!

We are continuing to explore our bodies and our senses this week. I hope you are having fun playing along!!

To further explore our sight we had a glow in the dark family night! After dinner this evening we busted out the black light and the glow in the dark bubbles for Biscuit. She was SO excited. I found the bubbles on Amazon for under ten dollars. I should mention these bubbles are NOT non-toxic. We talked at length about how we would use our eyes to "see and not touch" the magic bubbles! Here are some pics of the bubble fun, it was hard to get a decent photo!!

After the bubbles we got started on glow in the dark painting!!! All you need for this is washable fluorescent paint, black construction paper, paintbrushes, and a black light.

I knew Biscuit was going to love this activity but I did not anticipate how long she would go at it. We painted for over thirty minutes in the glow of a black light. If you are looking for a great family activity I highly recommend glow in the dark painting after dinner! :)

Fluorescent paint was all over this house and our little girl!

There is nothing like exploring our sight and making memories!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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  1. please never shut this blog down. i'd love to go through everyone of these activities with my baby.