Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tin Forest

My little one has always loved books. For the past few months she has been exploring the stories that we read throughout the day even further. She acts out story lines, paints characters from her books, and even makes voices for them! Very sweet indeed. I started to incorporate a project during "story time" once a week. It has gone very well and she looks forward to it each and every Wednesday.
Here is a look at one of our projects for the wonderful story Tin Forest.

I gathered tons of small pieces of aluminum foil and presented them to Biscuit along with some glue and black construction paper. We talked about all the things the old man created in his tin forest and she made a tin forest of her own. I was quite impressed by her efforts! She included a sun, flower stems,  and other plants. She used her finger to "rip" the foil into the shapes she wanted. I helped her when needed with some scissors. She wanted a "flower shape" and couldn't tear it by herself, so I stepped in on that one. ;)

Do you all know this story? It's a lovely read for older toddlers and preschoolers!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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