Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Art Exploration

As I cleaned out Biscuit's art closet the other day I realized that I had an embarrassing amount of TP rolls saved up. So I decided to use some of them for a little project this morning. It was that or build the Great Wall of California and I was pressed for time.

Lately I have been encouraging Biscuit to explore her paints sans paintbrushes. However this morning I made the TP rolls into unique brushes for her to utilize during our art time! She really enjoyed this and I am so proud of how creative she was with this activity. The different materials certainly inspired a great deal of exploration!

I started creating the TP paintbrushes by cutting down the sides of the roll.

Then I fanned them out a bit.....

I cut the next roll into bigger sections on the bottom...

Then I cut another in half and cut the bottom into very thin strips, like so....

I turned the other half into a "scraper" type tool.

Finally I set up a work space for Biscuit and let her get to work.

I know it doesn't get much fancier than a TP roll paintbrush but what can I say?!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

1 comment:

  1. I finally stopped collecting them, because I have too many stored up. Maybe in our spare time we can construct the Great Wall together. ;)

    Great idea!