Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stomp Painting

I have missed you all so very much!! I will be back to our usual routine next week and do not fret ~ I have some great new activities to share with you.

In case you missed it, I was a guest blogger on Mess for Less last week. Here is the activity Biscuit and I shared with the readers over there...

Art is an essential part of child development, we know this. However sometimes you need to mix art with the great outdoors and some physical activity, am I right?!

This afternoon Biscuit and I gave some old socks a run for their money and did some Stomp Painting!! We had such a great time with this and I know that if you try it, you'll love it! This activity is sure to get some wiggles out and inspire your little artist.

You need a long roll of white paper, we just used some easel paper, paint, tape, a pair of old socks, and a pair of cute little feet!

You should dress your little one appropriately, so grab some sweats or pajama pants for this project. Also, if it is chilly be sure you have a clean pair of warm socks nearby for when your little one is finished!

You will want to do this activity on solid ground, either a deck, porch, or your driveway would be perfect.

Unroll a large portion of paper and tape it to the ground. Start by having your child squirt or pour little drops of paint all along the paper.

Then simply encourage them to stomp along the drops of paint.
They can jump from drop to drop, or slide like their toes are paintbrushes.

Make footprints!

Look at those little toes!

Ta ~ Da!

We combined some exercise, outdoor play, and art into one.

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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