Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you Blog-o-sphere

I have found a solution for stains in the tub from "bath crayons!" Did you all just hear angels singing?! I sure did.

My girl LOVES drawing in the bath and she also loves bath "paints." However every paint brand under the sun gives her a rash and the crayons require TONS of bleach to remove the doodles from the bath tub!!! In my desperate attempt to keep Biscuit happy at bath time I searched the internet for a magical bath paint. I discovered that we could use good old shaving cream paint for a stain-free good time! I have seen this on several blogs and I have NO idea who originally came up with this solution, so if you are out there I LOVE YOU and I owe you a margarita. We make paint with shaving cream and food coloring all the time and it never occurred to me to use it at bath time!!

Another added bonus ~ we use turkey basters in the bath as a squirt toy and it was way too much fun blasting the paint off the wall.

(sidenote) I just realized one of my fave mommy bloggers had posted about this too!! Please visit her over at Train Up a Child!!! She has tons of amazing ideas!!


  1. I LOVE this idea, my 3 year old daughter has just been introduced to the joys of shaving cream and loves "painting" in it's normal state with her fingers. So I know she will really love this. What do you store it in or do you make a new batch every bath day? Do you just put blobs down at the back of the tub and she does what she will with them? And lastly, the food coloring doesn't stain her skin? Thank you so much for this post and I can't wait to hear your answers back and try it.

    1. Hi Jennifer! I make a new batch whenever she wants to paint in the tub. And the food coloring did not stain her skin, I mixed it well prior to her using it. Thank you for stopping by!!