Monday, March 19, 2012

Splat! Let's make monsters!!

This afternoon we made splat monsters!! If you are looking for a fun and laid back art project you need to try this. All you need is some paint, a paint brush, several sheets of white paper, a black marker, and a cookie sheet if you like your child to have a defined work space.

Start by having your child dip their brush into the paint and "fling" or "flick" the paint off the brush and onto the paper, making a splatter pattern.

Then use another sheet of paper to cover the splatter and smash them together ~ SPLAT!

Peel the paper apart...

Then allow the papers to dry. Once it is dry you will use your markers to draw on faces, etc.

 Biscuit was not a big fan of making the splatter pattern. She was much happier painting big dots on the paper. Like this....

It still worked very well!

Then of course she had to paint the cookie sheet....

Here is a look at her finished Splat Monsters!!

She drew on the eyes, nose, and mouth for this guy.

This monster got stripes and a sad face. This was her "sad tiger." 

Mommy ~ "Why is the tiger sad?"
Biscuit ~  "Because he wants spots." 
Mommy ~ "Then why didn't you give him spots silly?!" 
Biscuit ~ "Well you don't always get what you want Mommy."

Oh boy.

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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