Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hand print Flower

First I need to say that I am sooo sorry for the horrible pictures you are about to see. My camera battery died just as we started the project, so it was up to my good old iPhone to document this. Okay, now that we got that out of the way ~ let's talk hand print flowers, shall we?

This creation is so simple and it is pretty much a mess free project. You're welcome! All you need is a paper plate, construction paper in assorted colors, a pencil for tracing, glue, scissors, a marker or crayons, and a super adorable hand to trace.

You will have to do all of  the cutting, most likely. So start by tracing your little one's hands onto several sheets of construction paper using your pencil. While your child is napping, or otherwise engaged, cut out all of the hand prints. If your child is squirmy and you can only get a few hand prints traced, don't sweat it. Just cut out one hand print and use it as a stencil!

Now that you have all of your hands ready, grab your paper plate and glue.

You can have your child glue the hands onto the outer ring of the plate.
Biscuit just poured glue in a circle and glued the hands around it.

Once all of the hands are glued down you can use markers or crayons to fill in the middle of your flower.

I let Biscuit choose the colors, if it were up to me I would have used two colors and alternated them... I can't always have say with this kiddo's art! But that's okay!!!

TA ~ DA!!!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. What a coincidence! I've had your craft sticks with velcro dots pinned on my pinterest board for a while. I finally remembered to grab some velcro dots at Walmart today and came back to see how you'd alternated the soft and scratchy sides. When I clicked through to the main page I saw this post and we had plans after nap for a very similar flower using hand cutouts. My 3 yr old is obsessed with handprint stuff ... again after finally getting over them (aka running out of ideas for hand print/trace/cutout projects) from the traditional turkey handprint season.