Welcome to Tot Treasures!
I started this blog as a means to inspire people to learn through play.
We are our child's first teacher, I consider this to be a blessing and a privilege.
~ Our Story ~
My love for early education hit me like a ton of bricks as I was wrapping up my college career with a degree in Pre-Law. I decided to totally switch gears and take on childhood development and early childhood education. Before I knew it I was teaching a room full of amazing three year olds, specializing in toddler and early preschool curriculum, and running a children's center. Through all the craziness I married my knight in shining armor.....

I'm a lucky girl.

My husband is pretty much the best guy ever. There is not a thing he cannot do, literally. The man can build a house, run a Fortune 500 company, make aspirin in the kitchen, knit a sweater while building an end table, cook a five course, five star meal, and most impressive of all ~ he puts up with me. ;)
I could only hope and dream that he would pass on his wisdom, humor, patience, and astonishing good looks (obviously) to our children. 
Then three years later.....

Our baby girl was born! Our daughter is TWO years old now and she is the greatest little thing in the whole wide world!! Her smile lights up my life and I am so grateful for each and every moment we have together.
Our family is not perfect, but we are perfect for each other. There are days where my Hubs comes home to more dishes in the sink than clouds in the sky, three broken toys to fix, the dog threw up, laundry is piled to the ceiling, dinner is overcooked, and I think I am bringing sexy back with paint in my hair and pajamas on.... But that's okay! Right? 
Long story short, this is my blog. I hope we inspire you, even if it's just a little, and I hope you share what you love.

Happy Playing & Exploring!!