Monday, December 19, 2011

Through the magnifying glass....

We all know how our wee ones crave the great outdoors. The sunlight, birds chirping, and a crisp breeze can pull any toddler into a happy place. In the warmer months we usually spend the morning at the park, in the cold weather we just bundle up and head into the backyard! I try to keep it interesting and set up scavenger hunts, sensory tubs, a sand table, etc. However the other day I sent her into the yard equipped with a magnifying glass. She was thrilled. This one simple little tool brought more joy and stimulated more conversation than anything I had tried before. When we came inside I gave her some paper and crayons to draw the things she had seen through her magnifying glass. She created large circles for rocks and big lines for grass, it was darling! We both had an amazing time.... and best of all, it was right in our own backyard.

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