Monday, May 14, 2012

Pretty in Purple

Biscuit has been requesting to make some "purple projects" to hang up in her playroom, which is pretty adorable if you ask me!  So I ran out and grabbed some canvas squares, assorted paints and glitter (my girl loves sparkle) so we could get creative and make some cute wall hangings. The first canvas I let Biscuit pick out everything we would use. She chose brush on glitter paint and a very pretty chunky purple glitter. This is what she made.....

It turned out super girly and adorable!!

Then I decided we should do tape resist on the second canvas, which I thought was a totally brilliant plan. HA! It didn't turn out too well. However Biscuit still loves the way it looks, so all is well in her world. Here is the tape resist...

And now the finished products.....

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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