Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Reads

Biscuit and I love going to the bookstore. It's a weekly ritual in fact. We grab a tea and a vanilla milk and spend HOURS looking at books. On our last run I bought two really great books that I wanted to share with you....

Every parent should have a copy of this book, such a good reminder of how critical it is to put time in where and when it is needed with our little ones.

We have been having some knock down drag out battles  "issues" with tantrums lately. Biscuit is rapidly approaching three and OMGWTFWWJD?! I feel like every single part of the day is a dilemma sometimes! This book is actually quite amazing. Reminds you who the boss is..... Yes, that would be you. ;)

In addition to my great finds Biscuit found some darling books as well....

Have you all read Spoon? You should!! Such a great book and this guy is the "sequel." Super adorable.

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