Saturday, May 26, 2012

Potty Rock

WOW, 35 emails about the fact that Biscuit was potty trained in a day. 35! Okay, okay, I'll spill the details. Buckle up for my amazing secret...................................................

Ahem, she was ready.

Seriously y'all it had absolutely nothing to do with me. However, for the sake of preserving my "#totesamaze" mommy status I will write a post regarding potty training readiness. I wish there was some huge secret that I could bestow upon you, however there really isn't! I don't do bribes, I laugh at all the methods that supposedly work on every child, yada yada yada.

So with that said here we go...

Potty Training incorporates the ability of a child to anticipate the need to urinate or have a bowel movement and successfully eliminate into the toilet. Therefore implying awareness of bodily sensation and a purposeful behavioral response. Before deciding to potty train your munchkin you should be observing their behavior closely and monitoring for signs of readiness. Don't just throw your kiddo to the wolves.

Physiological signs of readiness include your child's awareness of their need to go, extended periods of dryness, and regularity of bowel movements.

Verbal and cognitive signs of readiness include the ability to follow instructions, and imitation.

Emotional signs of readiness include the desire to master their own body and the desire to perform like their peers.

Let's not forget that in order to use the throne your child should be able to pull their pants up and down on their own, learn to wipe themselves, and all of that good stuff. Don't overlook motor skills when evaluating your child's readiness!!!

In addition, parental readiness needs to be taken into consideration. Potty training can be a large commitment requiring patience and adequate time. Be sure you are ready to make it a positive and loving experience.

There are literally HUNDREDS of "miracle potty training methods" out there. Hit up good old Google and you will find an overload of methods and ideas. I am not an advocate of any method really. I'm all for waiting until the signs of readiness are there and slapping on some underwear. No turning back.... Full tilt!! If you are consistent, patient, and determined it will happen.

Keep in mind that children can resist potty training for many reasons such as confusion, fear, or even physical pain. If you are dealing with potty training resistance it is best to consult with your pediatrician. Parents can often overlook physical or medical reasons behind potty training resistance.

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Y'all know how much I love my girl Stephanie..... here is the beginning of Hallie's potty training. The west coast misses you Stephanie!!!!


  1. I just successfully trained my 'just turned 2' year old. It took her about 3 days to stop having accidents, but she went down with chicken pox so was unwell as well.
    No method here either - just Mummy instinct and a Mum who was used to lots of pees and frustration from training her now 3.5 year old brother.
    And I think the main difference was that I was so relaxed about it. Pee everywhere? No problem. Cuddles for frustration instead of pressure to 'get it'.
    And a child that was ready as you say.

    1. That's awesome Liz! Although I am sorry your little one had the chicken pox, that's not fun. I hope she is well and the potty success continues.

  2. You are TOTALLY right with this one. The more children I have, the more I realise that what I do has very little impact on them, they all do things (crawl, talk, sleep through the night, potty train, read) in their own time and when they are ready. Some do it "early" and some do it "late", but in reality they are right "on time" for them. Hmmm, I feel a blog post coming on...