Monday, April 30, 2012

It's National Screen-Free Week!

Today is the start of the CCFC's (Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood) National Screen-Free Week!! What does this mean? Well, from now through May 6th we are turning off entertainment screen media in an effort to create more time for playing, reading, snuggling, and exploring!

To prepare for the week I have packed away Biscuit's "Story Pad" and other toys that contain screen play. I will also be 100% certain to keep my cell phone out of sight during her waking hours and my trusty laptop AND the iPad.  Clearly the television will not be an option, although I am thinking this part will be easy since Biscuit only watches about thirty minutes of TV a day. Sometimes she doesn't watch any at all, so hopefully we can make it through the 6th.

I hope you all take part in this week of Screen-Free time! For some ideas on how to keep your munchkins entertained sans Dora or Mickey Mouse click here!! Or click here!!

Biscuit and I will also be sharing some new activities with you this week, so stay busy by giving them a try!!

Happy Playing & Screen-Free Exploring!!

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