Monday, April 30, 2012

Felt Mosaic

This morning's project was super simple and lots of fun for little hands. We made a felt mosaic! I presented Biscuit with several felt cut outs, glue, and a piece of poster board. Here is what she created...

TA ~ DA!

Projects like this allow freedom to create and explore patterns and shapes, also this is great for fine motor development and spatial awareness!!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. Another question, LOL. What do you do with all of her creations? We hang everything up, but eventually some of it has to come down. What do you do with it all? You are like us and do art every day, so I imagine you have quite a bit of beautiful projects around your house.

  2. No worries!! Ask all you want!! So I hang everything on in her playroom (I will post pics for you) and aside from that I use the Art Portfolio by Alex Toys. You can get that guy on Amazon (our favorite) for under $20! Hugs!!

  3. You are the best! Off to Amazon...