Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TEN Rainy Day Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Does the rain have you stuck indoors as Spring approaches?! Yuck. Oh well! It's a great excuse to slap that mommy hair into a ponytail (if it wasn't already) get into those cozy sweats (that are probably on your cute little bottom anyways) and play the day away inside!!

1. Hide and Seek ~ Y'all know the drill! I'll spare you the explanation. ;)

2. Color Tag

How to play ~ Explain to your child that you will shout out one color at a time and they have to run, or walk quickly, to an object that is the color you shouted and touch it with one hand. You can switch it up each time by asking your little ones to hop instead of walk, or crawl instead of run, etc. Or instead of simply yelling "red" you can say "Touch your elbow on red!"

This game is a great way to focus on cognitive development by improving listening skills and identifying colors. This is also a wonderful game because you will keep your child moving!

3. Clean up the Yard

How to play ~ Pick one room in your home and pretend it is your "yard." Go on a little walk through the house to gather up all kinds of  "trash." The "trash" can be anything small and soft. We use scarves, small blankets, stuffed animals, etc. Place the items into a few large bags. When you say "go" your little one must dump the bags of "trash" all over the room. Once the room is good and messy, play a fast-paced song and see how fast you and your munchkin can clean up the yard! This game is great with a few kiddos. Biscuit doesn't have any siblings yet, but if you have more than one cutie pie this is a good one!

This game is a terrific way to get in physical activity on a rainy day and focus on teamwork!

4. Freeze Dance

How to play ~ Play some upbeat music and encourage your little one to dance, let them know that when they hear the music stop they have to freeze!!

This game works on cognitive development through listening skills, in addition to fun physical activity!

5.  Follow the Leader 

How to play ~ Lead your preschooler around the room, or around the house, varying the locomotor skills that you use (walk, hop, crawl, tip toe) and remember to vary the path that you take through the room, or house, as well! When your child grasps the concept of the game let them lead.

This game is working on cognitive development by improving observational skills and imitation. You are also working on social and emotional development by learning to cooperate and practicing leading and following. Let's not forget that you are also getting in physical activity and practicing a variety of movements!

6. Shadow Show

How to play ~ Use a flashlight in a darkened room to put on a "shadow show!" Create different animals and shapes on the wall with your bodies and hands or feet!

This game works on cognitive development through improving visual discrimination.

7. Number Ball

How to play ~ For this game you will need a medium sized playground ball or a beach ball. Sit across from your child on the floor, with your legs stretched in a V shape out in front of you. Then pass the ball to one another by rolling it across the floor. As you pass the ball start counting, you say "One" and your child can say "Two!" You keep the game going by taking turns saying the next consecutive number. If your little one cannot count very high just yet that's okay! Try the alphabet instead! :)

This game is working on cognitive development through practicing numbers and letters in addition to sequencing. You are also working on social and emotional development by working as a team and taking turns.

8. Say Yes to the TP Dress

How to play ~ For this game you will need a roll, or two, of toilet paper. Simply hand your child a roll of toilet paper and allow them to wrap it around you like a dress or a mummy. This game is always a good laugh!

This game is working on social and emotional development through imaginative play.

9. Gather the Animals

How to play ~ You will need several stuffed animals for this game. This is a good one to set up when your children are napping because you will need to hide the animals.
Designate a spot in your home as the "barn." You and your little one are the farmers and you have lost your animals! You must find all of the animals and return them safe and sound to the barn.

This game is working in cognitive development through visual discrimination. You are also working on social and emotional development through imaginative play.

10. Magic Carpet Ride

How to play ~ Have your child lay down, on their back, on a blanket or beach towel. Grab one side of the "magic carpet" and pull them through the house! This is a game for carpeted floors only. ;)

This game is a great way to work on physical development and your little one will be getting a good work out from laughing so hard! Also Mommy can get in a little cardio, am I right?

I hope you all give these games a try if you haven't already. Biscuit is two and she LOVES all the games listed. These games were also a huge hit with my three year olds back in my teaching days. Have fun and don't let a rainy day cramp your style!!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. Love it! what a fun post - I think all kids start with the "I'm bored" on rainy days =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you again tomorrow,

  2. Rainy season is the most boring time for my kids cos I never allowed them to play outside. It's a great thing to learn these activities from here. Thanks much! Have your child learn from Montessori Activities too.