Monday, March 5, 2012

Lending a hand...

Lately Biscuit has been such a terrific little helper. She craves responsibility around the house and she is eager to lend a hand. She has always assisted me with meal preparation, laundry sorting and folding, and she is a-mah-zing with a duster! However it has been darling to see the new ways she wishes to help around the house.

Most of us don't realize how helpful our children can be. Simple chores help build self esteem and confidence in our children. Sometimes it may be that we are so rushed, and focused on perfection, that we do not allow little hands to get in the mix of maintaining our home! Toddlers can sort and fold laundry, help in the kitchen, feed the family pet, clean up their toys, etc.

Biscuit's favorite "job" this past week has been to water the plants. This turns into watering the plants, the grass, and pretty much every single thing in our backyard! It is quite precious indeed.

How do your children help around the house?

For a great toddler book about being helpful to others Click here!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!!

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