Thursday, January 12, 2012

No more picture books! Yeah, you heard me.

Every morning at 9:00am my three year olds danced over to the rainbow colored carpet in my classroom. We sang songs, we welcomed our friends, we read a picture book, and then we set off for an adventure within our centers. In my classroom we had a reading area where children could nestle in a soft chair and look at a picture book. My daughter had over 100 words at her 12 month well-child visit. I am certain that is partly because of the fact we looked at wordless picture books throughout our day.

What I was shocked to learn today is that there are certain preschools that "frown upon" the use of  picture books!! GASP! Ahem, I did not want to jump to any conclusions, so I have been glued to my laptop all afternoon did a good deal of research. Are picture books as important as I believed? Were those classes in college regarding the importance of books in our classrooms just a bunch of hooey?! Seriously, I took an entire class on how to integrate books into preschool lessons.

Well it turns out picture books are so very important to the developing minds of our children. We knew that, right?! Anyway through my entire afternoon of typing, reading, and frivolous tea drinking internet research I found some interesting articles and I thought I would share them with you. We are always learning, always growing, and always asking questions. That's what Mommies do, am I right?! Here are some of my findings, I hope you enjoy!

Picture Books remain IMPORTANT

Why Children's Picture Books are important

Picture Book Article by Peter Brown

Early Literacy

If you have any additional feedback or experience to share I would love to hear it.

Happy Playing & Exploring..... and reading! ;)

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