Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mommy Style

Not to toot my own horn.... but I was voted best dressed in high school. TOOT. TOOT.
If only my classmates could see me now, soooo stylish in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. Seriously though, it is somewhat tricky to maintain your sanity while chasing after a toddler and balancing in your kitty heels! Not to mention we all aren't super human like J-Lo. My body wasn't exactly Maxim worthy after the biscuit was yanked from my uterus. With that said, I do try to look decent most of the time. Not only does it make me feel better about my new post-baby booty, it sets a good example for my little one. Take care of yourself and take pride in how you present yourself to the world.
There are plenty of darling flats and wedges that are perfect on the playground! Also, you can pretty much rock any dress or skirt ~ just slap on a pair of boy shorts to hide your no-no if you need to bend over!
Fall is upon us and it is time to ramp up the wardrobe, so I have been searching far and wide for ultra cute 'Mommy Friendly' attire. Sadly I have mostly found 'Day out with the Hubs' attire.

Here are a few pics of my wardrobe wish list

 Hello Gorgeous. Let me introduce you to my closet.

Ahhh, a cozy tunic. Perfect for a morning with the bitty one.

Hello. I love you.
BUY THIS PLEASE, because it is fabulous.


I could just slip this over a cami and look darling! Easy enough!

Okay, seriously I could never wear this silk maxi for more than a NY minute. It would be destroyed! However if you dare to brave dry clean only BUY THIS.

Now my wish list for mini me
Love this darling play set. Cute. Cozy. Sold.

How sweet are these ruffle cardis?!

 Pair this with some bold tights and a fun headband. Easy and adorable.

Now here is my "if my little one was a boy" wish list

Preppy and Handsome. This is perfect.

Ahhhh, love this!

Well my lovelies, that wraps up our first Mommy Style! Check back next week to meet one of my FAVE mommy bloggers and learn how she stays stylish with her baby in tow.

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