Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And she is back!

Hello my lovelies!!!! It has been WAY TOO LONG! I have missed you so very much, yet we have been oh so busy with family matters that have kept me away. Fam first am I right?!

I hope y'all are ready for the holidays! I am not.... Shocking, I know. Biscuit has some serious pipe dreams of a pony and a castle waiting for her under the tree. Sadly, that is not what "Santa" has in store. However we shall not disappoint! I have noticed that Biscuit’s favorite days are our “Girl Days.” Every week we have a “Girl Day” where we grab a Starbucks, hit up the bookstore, and sit down for a lovely lunch before a good long nap! Just kidding about that last part, we all know good long naps are fairy tales. I’ll settle for thirty minutes of quiet time to pin recipes that I will never get around to making. So in the spirit of “Girl Day” activities, I have decided to create special gifts for my little angel that will include all of the fixings for a super special day together. Here are some ideas…


In a large box, place the following items to encourage all kinds of messy creative artsy play ~
This beauty is made from organic cotton protected with kid-friendly water-based acrylic coating.
Grab finger paints in primary colors to encourage mixing!!
 This adorable funky artist set includes paints, fun textured brushes, and paint plates!
 What's messy art time without some rainbow slime?!
Stash the ingredients you would need to make this amazing creation into your gift box!

Create another large box fulled of quiet time games and activities for you to share.

Floor Puzzles are a terrific way to encourage quiet thoughtful play.
If you have not purchased these a-mah-zing reusable sticker pads from Melissa and Doug ~ You need to give them a try!! Tons of quiet time fun for your little one!!

Pattern Blocks are another must have!


My little pumpkin loves to help in the kitchen, baking is her favorite since the end result is often so yummy! Prepare a box full of items that will encourage some bonding time over sweet treats!!

Be sure to include this darling Playful Chef Kit!

Mom and Me Cookbook

Don't forget to throw in a fantastic cupcake mix!

Well there you have it! Not a pony or a castle, but a good time is most certainly to be had!!


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