Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay this week's LBOH is not Little Bits of Happiness.... It's LOTTA Bits of Happiness!! My bff from NC and her darling lil munchkin came to visit last week!! Biscuit was so happy to have her friend here to play all day long, it was darling. Also we clearly scheduled in some Mommies Only time. Hello Napa!! Here is a look at our amazing week...


The girls!

They take their Fro Yo at Yolo very seriously.

This was a honey lavender cupcake and it was delish!!

Can you tell we were just drinking red wine?!
Look at those red teeth! Geeeeez.

The kiddos after a day with our very brave sitter.

Wine Tasting again!
Jen trying to hide from the camera, nicely done.
Yes that is a giant pitcher of cherry mojitos at lunch, don't judge us.

Jen trying to get a pic, clearly I am not as fast as she is.

They were chasing after boys at the park.
 I think I am going to have my hands full.
I miss you girls so much!
Stay tuned for some adorable autumn activities!

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