Friday, July 13, 2012

A hot day with a splash of color

My little bundle of joy has been quite the scientist lately. Her observations have become extremely detailed and her language is blossoming more every single day. Her latest obsession is how things melt in the hot weather. I wanted her to explore this a little further, so we made colorful ice cubes to melt in her water table.

She was super excited, this girl loves her water table and so do I!! Let's be honest, it has been a lifesaver in the summer months when I don't feel like slapping on a monokini and schlepping to the pool. There I said it!

Some H2O and a lil food coloring, stuck the trays in the freezer for a couple hours and ta-da!

"Mommy they are melting AND making my favorite color. Uh deeeecuz the blue and the red make purple. Did you know that?"

Happy Playing and Exploring!!

1 comment:

  1. We are going to try this in the next week what a great idea :)
    Remember one plane ride soon I promise :)