Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Bdays

It has been a hectic week y'all. HECTIC! Biscuit has been keeping me super busy! Also Mama got a new cell and ummmm it has taken me a couple days to inform the masses. Therefore I was behind with work, friends, and all that good stuff. So I apologize if posts have been lacking this week!

It is that time of year again where I must begin planning Biscuit's birthday party.... Although to be honest I feel like having a laid back year. No party, just us and a cupcake. You know?! All the planning can be exhausting!! Her first birthday was tons of fun and last year's was lovely, so I feel like I can take a year off. Right?! Maybe?
There are some fantastic ideas out there when it comes to throwing a bash for your little munchkin. However you can make birthdays extra special without all of the fancy bells and whistles. How about some sweet and simple ideas to make them feel special?!

Make Cake Batter Pancakes for breakfast!

Give your little one a big surprise and
have the balloon fairy visit when your child is sleeping!

Make a special birthday entrance to a surprise breakfast!!


How cute are these little treats?! 
Perhaps a special snack for your bday prince or princess?!


Make a sign to countdown to the special day!

I cannot wait to try these out this year. Biscuit will love waking up to a room full of balloons!!

For the sake of a complete birthday post, and a walk down memory lane, here is a look at Biscuit's past birthday bashes...

Biscuit's First Birthday!
"Pinkalicious Circus"
How great are these cupcakes?
These beauties were made by the oh so wonderful Gina.

Circus Lion favor tags and hot pink bags filled with frosted animal cookies, pink cotton candy, pink Play-Doh, and a custom made CD of Biscuit's favorite songs!!

The birthday girl's backside.... OH THE CUTENESS, AM I RIGHT?!

Now for her second birthday!
"Whooooo is two?!"

 Favor Table!

Favor tags, "Thank you for making my party such a hoot!"
The bags contained mini chocolates wrapped in custom made owl wrappers and organic lollipops.

Owl masks ~ ADORABLE!

Art table for the munchkins.

Biscuit LOVED her owl dress and her owl headband was the perfect touch.

Red velvet and vanilla cupcakes with darling owl toppers.

Owl cookies!!!!

Isn't this little guy adorable?!
Emily sent him to me as a special surprise, so sweet!

(We had just built our house and our yard wasn't landscaped yet, excuse the dirt in the background!)

The birthday girl!
Her amazing party hat was made by our dear friend Jen!!

Phew! That's it. Comment below and share some of your birthday traditions and ideas!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. Wow quiet 3rd birthday for P, sounds like a great idea :) and I live the pics she is looking so much like you Mo!
    Can you text me your new # again

    1. Hi Love!!!!!!! I will text you the new digits immediately :) How are my boys?! xoxo

  2. I had to share. My oldest turned five this week. I made those pancakes for him and J-Bug. They each took one bite then polished off my eggs, turkey sausage and whole grain English muffins. Little weirdos.

    1. Oh no!! You went through all that trouble!! Did you get to eat them?! xoxo