Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Q & A Tuesday is back by request!

Wow!! I have had many requests to bring back Q &A Tuesday! Thanks for your emails and comments letting me know that you missed this little part of Tot Treasures. Your feedback means so much!!

Let's get started, shall we? Here are a few questions that I have received via email in the past few weeks...

"My daughter will be turning ONE in March. What toy would you recommend for a one year old?"

For Biscuit's first birthday we bought her the Step 2 Buggy. Best thing we ever did! She still uses it every day for our walk around the neighborhood. In fact right after we bought it, two of our neighbors immediately went to Target to grab one. Their toddlers were literally throwing themselves at Biscuit's car as we walked by.

My girl and her buggy

"Hi Morgan! I was wondering if you had any products that you could not live without when your daughter was an infant?"

I sure did!! I LOVE Mustela products. Biscuit never had a diaper rash until she was 11 months old!! I swore by this....
Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

I also love Bumkins bibs. They are so easy to clean and they are nice and soft. Some wipe able bibs are too stiff and they can be rough around your infants little neck, not Bumkins!!

The Bumkins Superbib in Flutter, my fave.

Lastly, I think I would have had a full blown nervous breakdown if it weren't for my microwave steam sterilizer. I felt great knowing that my baby's bottles and pacifiers were clean and germ-free!

Dr. Browns Steam Sterilizer

"My two year old son hasn't been interested in our projects lately. I really want him to get back into it but all he wants to do is run around. Any suggestions?"

Yes! Let him run around. :) Two year olds are super physical and they need to be running about. That is how they learn after all.
Perhaps you could try an activity that involves some movement, like Stomp Painting! 
Another suggestion would be to reevaluate the time of day you are doing projects. If you do projects before nap, try waiting until after nap. If you do them first thing in the morning, maybe you should wait until right before lunch. That way your little man has had plenty of time to get his wiggles out!

                                                Thank you all for your great questions!!
If you have a question go ahead and shoot me an email!

Your question may be featured in the coming weeks.

 If it's not feautured I'll still give you my two cents ~ just in a private email instead of a post. ;)

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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