Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh how I long for unicorns and rainbows...

I have been a terrible blogger the past week, I'm sorry. Things have been crazy here at the B house. Biscuit got an ear infection, which is a ton of fun as you all know. She went three WHOLE days and nights with NO sleep. Yes, not a wink. Needless to say I have been two steps away from the looney bin and one step away from drowning myself in Pinot Noir. Good times..... Anyway I promise to return next week with Easter activities for you and your lil bundles. In the meantime, here are some fantastic ideas from the blog-o-sphere....

Check out these adorable Easter chicks!

This looks SO GOOD.

Biscuit and I will have to make these beautiful marbled eggs.

This microwave Peep experiment is another great idea!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. I hope she is getting better soon! We have been dealing with an ear infection at my house for over the past week--it started with just a fever. Not fun!

    1. Thanks Carrie!! I hope your lil one recovers soon as well.

  2. I've wondered where you've been. I hope she is doing better, and I hope you get some SLEEP!