Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gotta love stickers...

Biscuit and I use these little circle stickers as a tool to work on sequencing and patterns. Like this....

I start a pattern with the stickers and then she keeps it going.
I drew a black line where she took over. She's a pro at this activity now!

However after seeing these stickers used on Teach Preschool for a full blown art project I was inspired. We grabbed TONS of circle stickers, and some rectangles, and hit the easel to make sticker art!

She started with some circles....

This is serious stuff

This is her "Christmas Tree"
Get it? All the colored lights? ;)

Now the rectangle stickers.

Now both!

Crazy Confetti!


I have left the sticker sheets in her easel for the week. She loves it.
Please excuse the iPhone pics and poor lighting!

Happy Playing & Exploring!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your link... I love this idea- my 2 (almost 3!!) year old LOVES stickers. I know that all kids like stickers, but he really LOVES them. He would have so much fun with this activity!!