Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Val-en-tine...

Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having a lovely start to the weekend, we sure are! This morning we made a special little Valentine trinket for Biscuit's great-grandma and I thought I would share this darling craft with all of you!

All you need is 1/4 cup of cornstarch, 1/2 cup of water, a shallow dish or bowl, parchment paper, yarn, and a large heart shaped cookie cutter.

First take the cornstarch and water and cook over low - medium heat until the mixture becomes think, this will be your "glue."

Place the "glue into a shallow a dish or bowl and allow it to cool a bit. While you are waiting, cut your yarn into pieces that are about 6 inches to a foot long.

Place your cookie cutter onto a sheet of parchment paper, by now your glue should be cooled down, have your child dip a piece of yarn into the glue mixture.....

you may want to slowly run your fingers down the piece of yarn to help remove any large clumps of glue, then place the yarn inside the cookie cutter. Continue this step with each piece of yarn...

When you have your desired shape within the cookie cutter, pat the yarn down with clean hands to be sure all of the yarn is secured into a heart shape. Then gently remove the cookie cutter....

Allow the little guy to dry for about 7 - 10 hours. Yes, I know that's a really long time! But that's how long it takes! ;)

So pretty!! When it is dry you can use a clear spray paint to hold it all together, or you can simply leave it as is. Either way it is a darling addition to your Valentine's Day decor and it makes a very cute gift! 

Happy Playing & Exploring!!



  1. I love it! I just pinned it so we can try it. Thank you so much for sharing it at Sharing Saturday! We look forward to seeing what you share next week!

  2. We tried this over the weekend and I shared it today at Thank you!