Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SHAKE PAINT & a lesson on color mixing.

I hate throwing things away that we could use for some sort of activity. It makes me feel so wasteful! Today it was a cylinder protein mix container.... I had to find a use for this thing!! So we did this.....

Shake Painting!!

All you need is a large cylinder container, an oatmeal container would be perfect! A couple of small cups or bowls to pour paint into, paint, used crayons with the paper peeled off, and paper.

Since we used yellow and blue paint we used a green crayon.

All you have to do is roll up your paper and place it inside the container, dip your crayon into the paints and put the crayon inside the container as well. Put the lid on and shake!

Ta ~ Da

Then we decide to do it again, except this time we rolled the container back and forth to one another on the floor.
It made a great design!

You can see areas where the paint mixed well, it made little pools of green.

Happy Playing & Exploring!

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  1. Fun! I agree-I hate waste. Great idea. :)

  2. I love to save things that I can use for an art activity. Of course that means I have a ton of containers that I keep under the sink just in case.... Well at least I have an activity for one of those containers. Thanks for the idea. I would love if you shared it on my fun frugal friday link up. BTW I am now following

  3. What a fun activity!! Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!!