Thursday, February 2, 2012

Painting through straws and what can I say? It's a process!

We all like to think that we truly allow our child to immerse themselves in the "process" of creating art. I thought I did! Then this morning I realized that maybe I hold back a bit, maybe I cut art time short when she could continue in her "process" longer. Some mornings perhaps I am rushed? Sometimes it may be that we are doing a "certain activity" and I want her to focus on the skill at hand? I'm really not sure what it is.

This morning I took a big step back and I noticed that when Biscuit's mess got bigger her ideas were bigger, her smile was bigger. Mine was too. I learned something today. I will make an effort to show more respect for my daughter's process. This isn't to say that I wasn't respectful before, however I could certainly improve in that area.

Here is a look at our activity "painting through straws" and my child's process and journey through her creations.

"Wow Mommy! Look what I made with my straw!! It's for Daddy. I need the dropper for eyeballs."

"Mommy look at this! Polka dots! I need more. It's for my Daddy."

"Mommy I need a paintbrush. I need a sponge too."

"Look at that! My sponge made it."

"Mommy, Can I put paint in my hand? Make hand print for Daddy."

"Squuuuuueeeeze! Look at this Mommy!"

Now from those pictures you can clearly ascertain two things. #1 ~ My daughter is clearly in love her Daddy and any art work she makes is always for him. I am chopped liver.  #2 ~ Biscuit was completely and totally into the process.

Happy Playing & Exploring!!


  1. Great reminder and opportunity for self reflection, thank you for sharing.

    (And LOL about being chopped liver.)

  2. Wait until you see the fun you inspired in our house today...
    Photos are uploading, so it could be awhile before I'm able to get the post written. I'll link back when I do. :)

  3. great post & reminder! i feel like half the time i let them go crazy but others i go OCD about the mess.. i should really be more consistent. have a great weekend!! :)