Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine treats for your lil love!

When I was a little girl Valentine's Day was a big deal.
My mom usually came home from work early and she always had a little treat for me. As I got older, and yes even after I got married, my dad would send me flowers. Sweet right?!

In the spirit of how awesome my parents made V-Day I wanted to share some great ideas for Valentine's surprises for your little ones!!

How about this darling heart bag?!
There are six pockets to hold crayons or chalk, a heart shaped chalk board and it can hold a small notebook for on the go fun.

This Valentine's Day Crayon Bundle is perfect for any artist!

These blocks are adorable!
All materials used to make these blocks are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
You know how much I love that!

How sweet is this personalized shirt?
I need to get one!!

This great book was Biscuit's treat last year. She loves it!

This treat tower is a great idea for your little pastry chef in the making!

My little one loves to bop balloons around and this balloon ball cover would be an amazing gift for sure!

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  1. I have the "crayon bundle" and my 3 year old just loves it! It's more fun than a regular crayon not only because of the shapes but because you never totally know what color is going to come out! Perfect for a little V-day gift.