Sunday, January 8, 2012

Exploring our senses with water beads

This week we continue to explore our senses and our bodies. I first discovered the amazing world of water beads via Play at Home Mom. I thought it would be a terrific activity to talk about sight! The beads are colorful and they change in size. So there was an awful lot to talk about as we explored them.

I set up a giant tub on a bright white plastic sheet. I had Biscuit pour water into the tub and choose what color beads she would like to play with. Here is how we started....

We had small dark blue, yellow, and red beads.

After about a half hour they looked like this...

They were a bit larger and the colors were changing to a lighter shade!

It was soon time for Biscuit's nap.

After two hours she came downstairs to find the little tiny beads completely transformed. 

She said "WOW, they are marbles now!"

She was also thrilled that the red beads were now pink.

We scooped the beads out of the tub....

and dumped them into her light table!

This activity was a BLAST.


  1. LOVE everything! I'm so encouraged by all your posts! I want to wake the kids up to try some of these right away! Thank you for sharing. Oh, how do you make a light table? :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I will need to write a light table tutorial at some point, however in the meantime you can find very simple instructions on Google. It took less than an hour to make and was under forty dollars!