Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daddy's DIY

This pic was taken on my iPhone and I used the Red Stamp app to add the cute little  note!

I was under the weather this weekend and the Hubs did an a-mah-zing job taking care of Biscuit! He even made her fairy wands. Yes. He. Made. Them.

He used wire hangers, pipe cleaners, and shimmery pom poms. Aren't they darling?!

I asked him to do a tutorial for me and he said that he "just bent the tops into shapes, twisted the bottoms together, and decorated them." As if that sounded easy to me, HA! I am still pushing him to do a step-by-step guide so that I can post it. In the meantime just take a wire hanger "bend the tops, twist the bottom together, and decorate!" ;) I promise I will get a full blown tutorial soon!!

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