Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Teaching Moment and Jingle Bell Painting!!

"Teaching moments" really do happen every single day. While playing with Biscuit's cookie jar today we spent some time working on number recognition and counting. I placed a cookie sheet on the floor and placed the cookie with the number 1 onto the cookie sheet. I counted "1...2!" Then I asked "Do you see the number 2?!" She grabbed it off the floor and I asked her to please place it next to the cookie with the number 1 on it. Once she did that I said "1....2...." She caught on very quickly and she immediately shouted "3!" She searched for the number 3 and placed it next to 2. We did this all the way up to 10 and had a really great time!


Now for our jingle bell painting!! You will need an empty shoe box, some jingle bells, paint, and construction paper. We used blue paper and white paint, I wanted to make snowflakes. However you can use white paper with red and green paint to make into ornaments, or any combo that works for you!!
Simply place a piece of construction paper into a shoe box. Try to find a small shoe box so your little one can shake it easily! Drop jingle bells into a small cup of paint. Scoop the bells out of the cup with a spoon and then drop them into the box.  Let your child shake the box gently, the bells will roll to create a fantastic pattern and they make music!! We sang "Jingle Bells" as she shook the box, that made her day.

Ta ~ Da!

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