Friday, December 30, 2011

Busy bins

Now that Biscuit is becoming more independent (sigh) I decided I needed to re-vamp her busy bins.

"What are busy bins?"

Well my lovelies, busy bins are amazing tools to help set your little one up for independent play time. I keep Biscuit's busy bins in her playroom, completely accessible at all times. However you could set up your bins and put them away, only bringing them out when you really need your little one to keep busy. Whatever works for you! I was using Rubbermaid containers for these activities and then I found these ADORABLE bins in the dollar section at Target. Clearly I went with the cuter option. Here is a peek at Biscuit's bins....

Biscuit loves notepads and colored pencils, she says she needs them to make "lists."


Cutting bin with child-safe scissors and paper scraps.

A busy bin in action :)

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