Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thursday's Teaching Moment (on a Wed)

Tomorrow is a holiday, and I am still nursing this horrific cold, so I plan on relaxing and eating until I waddle. Which leaves little time for the internet! I thought I would post this week's Teaching Moment a day early ~ Patterns with Bristle Blocks! The biscuit is starting to grasp the concept of patterns, which is fantastic. So I thought I would practice this a bit during our play time. We took our Bristle Blocks and arranged them in all kinds of patterns using shapes and colors as our guide.

red, green, red, green

square, triangle, square, triangle

square, rectangle, square, rectangle

rectangles all together

square, flower, square, flower

As you can see she really grabbed hold of this activity. You can try this with anything; Legos, food, clothing, crayons, seriously anything! Have fun making patterns and enjoy your teaching moment!

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