Monday, November 14, 2011

Q & A Tuesday

It's time for Q & A Tuesday! With the holidays approaching I have had several emails asking for gift ideas. Especially stocking stuffers for toddlers!! So here are a few ideas....

Plan Toys Nuts and Bolts!
This toy is for ages 2 & up! Build dexterity and strength in your little one's fingers by encouraging them to assemble the nuts and bolts with various mixes and matches.

Throw some assorted party size Play Doh in your child's stocking!
Easy and fun!

Melissa and Doug Snowman Stacker.
This little guy is adorable and depending on the size of your child's stocking it just may fit!

Star Crayon in the Tub by Alex Toys!!
This is a great bath crayon, my little one LOVES this thing!
Be sure to clean the doodles off your tub walls right away, if you leave it on overnight it will stain!! By the way this picture is HUGE! The crayon is smaller :)

Glitter Crayons!!
Add some sparkle to your child's artwork and put a box of these in their stocking.

"Mr. and Mrs. Claus" Weebles by Playskool are sure to make a great stocking stuffer.
Aren't they cute?!

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