Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mommy Style Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone :) I wanted to take this Mommy Style Wednesday to share some fabulous natural/organic products just for you Mommy!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear JUMBO LASH mascara, this product is fantastic.
 Last year I had to undergo eye surgery due to chronic inflammation. Ever since, I have been super cautious about what products/chemicals I put anywhere close to my baby browns. After a LONG  search for a good, NATURAL mascara, I found this!
You can find this at most drug stores, and it is only $9.00 ladies!

This conditioner smells unreal and leaves your hair ultra shiny!
You can find Avalon Organics at Target and most drug stores.

A-MAH-ZING body butter! Head over to Sephora and get yourself some of this!!

Do you know Jute and Jackfruit????
This sweater is super cozy, made in the USA, and available through this wonderful online boutique committed to environmentally conscious fashion.

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