Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Q & A Tuesday!

Happy Q & A Tuesday! I received a couple of great questions this week, thank you Jenna and Anna!
The first question was sent in an email from Jenna in Vacaville CA.

"Hi Morgan! I have a twenty two month old son and I am ready to start potty training. Is there a potty training method you would recommend?"

Hi Jenna, If your little man is showing signs that he is ready to to take the potty plunge that is great! First and foremost I would suggest purchasing some books about using the potty. Some great books are Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel. There is a copy for boys and another for girls. Also The Potty Train by  David Hochman, Ruth Kennison and Derek Anderson. I would recommend reading these books, or any potty books of your choosing, consistently for a few days BEFORE you begin potty training! The method that I really like is the 3 day method. However YOU know your child best. I recommend researching a variety of methods and doing what is best for your little guy! Be sure you and your support network (meaning hubby, partner, or caregiver) are all on board! It is important that the potty process be consistent, whatever method you choose!

The next email is from Anna who resides in Durham NC.

"Our family has had the same nanny for two years. Six months ago she got engaged and ever since the engagement I feel as though her mind has been elsewhere. She is late to work multiple times a week, she hasn't been planning activities as much as she used to, etc. I want to talk with her about this, but I am worried she will just quit. What should I do?!"

Hi Anna. Let me start by saying ~You are the parent!!! You need to speak with her about this for several reasons. First of all, if you feel your child's care is being compromised that is unacceptable. Your caregiver's job is to keep your child engaged and happy throughout the day. If she is late and neglecting to arrange activities for your child that is NOT okay. She is not doing her job!!

I would plan to speak with your caregiver at a point in the day when your child is asleep or at school. You do not want your little one to hear your discussion. I would explain your concerns openly and honestly. In addition, if you truly feel your nanny would quit on the spot because of a simple discussion - she may not be the caregiver for you! You should be able to have candid discussions when needed. More importantly I would hope she cares for your child enough not to walk out on her job without adequate notice. Take this into consideration and keep me posted on the outcome!!

Thank you all for your emails!!! If you have a question send me an email tottreasures@yahoo.com!

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